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In the past two years, the things that we faced were unprecedented. Many were not spared, lives of young and old were taken, businesses folded, and life as we know it ceased to be.

However, in the midst of these predicaments where everything appeared to be scarce, we experienced the abundance of kindness and generosity of people. In the face of this seeming darkness, there are those who refused to be defeated; there are those who selflessly shed their light for others. We see people helping and caring for each other.

If there is one thing that rings true up to this moment, it is that now, more than ever, we need each other. If we are going to survive this conundrum that we are in, the only way to do it is to face it together.

Here at FBRT, we can attest to these truths first-hand. During the onset of the pandemic, we held on to the mantra that nobody gets left behind. Necessary adjustments were made to make sure the needs of our staff are taken care of and to ensure that we continuously serve and address the needs of our clients. We treat our staff and clients alike as our partners. Here at FBRT, we understood early on that there is only one way of sailing through this, and that is keeping afloat, surviving and thriving together—together with our staff and our clients.

And so stubborn as it may sound, here is a commitment to our beloved staff and dear clients to thrive together this 2022 and the many years to come. Let us pat each other’s back. We are here, we are still standing. FBRT is ready to serve you!

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