In the conduct of business, parties to any commercial transaction or trade must follow rules in their dealings with each other. – In order to successfully manage one’s business it is important to correlate and track business transactions across the board. At FBRT, we achieve this by taking a holistic look at every business transaction. The starting point will always be to obtain all germane information relating to the parties or transaction involved, which can be achieved, for example, by conducting “due diligence” work. If a client then decides to proceed with it, our lawyers will institute a mechanism to ensure proper performance of each party’s end of the bargain, always striving to capture value and maximize our client’s gains from the deal, but at the same time preserving trust between and amongst the parties involved. Thus, in a way, our part in the process is to help our client enter into a business deal by addressing the legal issues arising from it, adding value to the deal, and establishing sufficient protection for any foreseeable future lawsuit, however unlikely this may be.

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