Wills, Succession and Settlement: FBRT can render legal assistance to any person, whether local or a foreign national, in the preparation, writing and notarization of wills, ensuring that the person’s wishes are embodied in a legally enforceable instrument. In the process of doing so, proper legal advice as to the amount of the estate which can be disposed of by will shall be afforded the client, including the options for probate of will and execution thereof. Part of our work will be to inform the client of the costs of distributing his or her estate, in terms of inheritance tax and transaction costs. The client will be given options on the manner and timing of the distribution of his or her estate to take maximum advantage of schemes for tax reduction or avoidance (i.e. Estate Planning). Settlement of Estate, which can be done judicially or extra-judicially (without court proceedings), is one of our fields of expertise. Our team of family and tax lawyers can assist the heirs in the proper distribution of the estate, according to a will or the law on intestate succession, with particular emphasis on reducing costs and taxes of Estate.

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