One of the most solid aspects of FBRT’s practice is its Litigation, Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Department (“LADDept”). In its several years of existence, the percentage of cases won, compromised and satisfied can match that of a good many much bigger and longer established local firms. Our best qualities would be our attention to detail and an obsession with preparation.

Intertwined with our broad experience in corporate risk management and conflict management, we also put a premium on preventive lawyering, providing advice to senior-level board members and executives of numerous corporations and organizations.

But of course, the core strength of this department is the collective strategizing of all members of the Firm with competencies relevant to the particular case at hand.

Our litigation attorneys will of course actively pursue all available avenues of dispute resolution and advise clients on choosing the method most appropriate to them and to a particular matter. Our main priority is always to resolve disputes quickly and effectively with as little disruption to business as possible, and recognition of this is central to how we approach any matter. But if, after exploring all extra-judicial remedies to settle the conflict or dispute, success cannot be had, we will then focus our considerable strengths on winning our client’s cause in courts of law.

Some of our most notable successes have been in the areas of arbitration, intra-corporate cases, criminal and civil litigations.

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