FBRT promotes a healthy relationship between capital and labor. Thus, everyone at the Firm believes in the active prevention of labor disputes. We accomplish this by advising our clients on the formulation and review of their respective employee policies and codes of discipline. We also make a point of keeping our clients updated on significant developments in labor and related laws. If acting as retainer lawyers, we constantly monitor our clients’ employment practices and warn against illegal and risky labor-related decisions. The firm renders professional services in all areas of labor law practice, including:

  • dismissal and suspension of employees
  • money claims
  • strikes and lockouts
  • negotiations for collective bargaining agreements
  • petitions for certification elections
  • unfair labor practices
  • grievance and labor arbitration
  • labor-related civil and criminal cases
  • labor standards and employee benefits
  • social security
  • overseas employment

The cases may be filed or litigated at the Department of Labor & Employment, either at the Single-Entry Approach (SENA) level or the National Labor Relations Commission (NLRC) level. In administrative cases, the cases may be adjudicated at the Philippine Overseas and Employment Administration (POEA). In criminal actions arising from violations of labor and worker-related statutes, such as the Social Security Act, our trial attorneys can represent you before the Regional Trial Court.

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