The Firm advises clients on both litigious and non-litigious tax issues. On litigious issues, we represent several multinational companies, mostly before the Bureau of Internal Revenue and the Court of Tax Appeals on tax refund issues and deficiency assessments. We have handled tax assessment cases for multinational corporations engaged in mining, manufacturing and, most recently, for a company engaged in the trading of heavy equipment, involving a US $44 million tax assessment before the Bureau of Internal Revenue. The assessment involved the imposition of deficiency income tax, VAT, withholding tax, excise tax and documentary stamp tax.

We represent our clients in every stage of tax controversies, including tax audits and litigation. We have also represented companies before the Court of Tax Appeals on several tax issues.

On non-litigious issues, we assist clients in reducing tax payable by the application of allowable tax rules and rulings, advising clients on transfer pricing issues. Wherever possible we obtain tax incentives and tax holidays for our clients.

Our TaxDep can provide advice and guidance to clients on the nuances of the Voluntary Assessment Program (VAP) and No Audit Program (NAP), a tax awareness program of the Philippine Government.

Other Tax Services include:

  • Tax structuring and advice for local and cross-border mergers and acquisitions, including advice on the tax implications related to pre- and post-acquisition restructuring, project finance and foreign investments
  • Tax structuring and advice for debt and equity offerings; real estate transactions; and corporate reorganizations
  • Advice on tax treaty relief provisions
  • Estate planning
  • General tax planning to maximize the efficiency of clients’ tax position.

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