In the conduct of business, parties to any commercial transaction or trade must follow rules in their dealings with each other. At FBRT, we aim to ensure that any client who engages in trade in the Philippines does so in compliance with these rules, while at the same time being armed with the full protection our laws can provide. We are dedicated to providing our clients with all the information and legal assistance required to enable them to legally and appropriately set up and organize their business in a way that best suits their needs. In the course of our clients’ business operations we provide or review their methods of doing business to ensure optimum performance with regard to sales of their goods and services, dealing in negotiable instruments and acquiring security interests, as well as principal and agent relationships, contracts of carriage, entering into lease agreements, and much more. Our commercial practice also encompasses related issues such as labor or human resources management, mergers and acquisitions, business retirement or bankruptcy and tax planning.


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