In a world where businesses, and even individuals, face an ever-growing number of legal concerns, many consider it vitally important to retain the services of a competent legal team to look after their interests. FBRT is composed of young, extremely able and zealous attorneys who would be available to you as may be required in the ordinary course of your business or undertaking. A Retainer Agreement covers consultation and advice; preparation of ordinary contracts and legal documents; rendering of opinions; and notarial services. In the case of corporate clients, it includes ancillary corporate secretarial services, such as the recording of all meetings of the Board of Directors and stockholders; the keeping of record books required by law; and the preparation of reports required by law of a Corporate Secretary or by the By-Laws of the relevant corporate retainer client. When you enter into a Retainer Agreement with the Firm, you will be assessed a fixed monthly retainer fee, depending on your requirements. By this means, clients have the security of having external legal counsel to address their day-to-day legal concerns. In effect, you have the services of an entire law firm at your disposal, and will be given the privilege of communicating with us via all the fastest means available. A general retainer agreement covers the following services:

  1. Consultation, advice and rendering of opinions;
  2. Preparation of simple contracts and legal documents;
  3. Notarial Services; and
  4. Other legal activities required in the ordinary course of a client’s business.

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